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If you already know how to do natural soap making, then this website will help you with all those other questions that come to mind when creating your natural bars.

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There are two historical ways of soap making, one being the Castile method originating from the Italian regions of Europe and made with only olive oil. The other is more of a North American version, using animal fats as the oil.

There is always something new coming up in the soap world. About every ten years there is a "new" soap with caffeine in it. There is the Black Soap, aka African Black Soap, using what we may consider non-soap ingredients but creating an amazing skin care bar.

And this is why we make our own natural products. The hazardous ingredients in home and bath products are not listed on the box when you buy it. I was shocked that the cancer-causing triclosan is in everything from baby products to shoes, and they don't mention this. We don't like deception, we don't like having chemicals planted in products. Products that we deem to be safe for ourselves and our families.

Corporations and companies go to great lengths to make their products smell nice, and they will also use the flaws in the English language to lead you to believe that their product contains only natural ingredients. At home, I use no scented products whatsoever. I have my essential oil soaps, I use essential oils to relieve headaches and muscle aches, and use same to scent my home and create perfume blends. Essential oils are easy to obtain, so give them a try!

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