Benefits of Rosehip Oil for skin

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also known as Rosa Mosqueta, this one natural oil could replace all your un-natural lotions

Benefits of Rosehip oil for skin care better than any store brand moisturizer. Use for centuries for its natural abilities, medical science is now proving the same.

Rosehip Oil, also known as Rosehip Seed Oil, and Rosa Mosqueta, are from the rose family and found growing all over north and south America, and growing abundantly in Chili.

The oil of the rose hips contains carotenoids, Vitamin A, high concentrations of vitamin C, along with the 77% containment of linoleum and linolenic fatty acids, which provides tissue rejuvenating properties that help prevent premature skin aging.  It is these fatty acids that cause the regeneration of skin cells and the repair of damaged tissues.  It shows most promise in stopping premature aging of the skin, as well as a treatment for new burns scars and skin discoloration.  Scars from surgery or other injury can be improved with Rosehip oil, allowing for the formation of smoother skin with less reddness and lesser or no keloid type of scar.  The benefits of Rosehip oil for skin include minimizing acne or chickenpox marks.

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Some of the conditions that rosehip/rosa mosqueta oil can help improve:

- scarring - from surgery, injury or burns
- premature aging
- photo-aging - sun damage
- radiotherapy
- acne scarring
- eczema
- sunburn (after the redness is gone)
- skin rehydration
- reducing fine facial lines
- improving skin tone
- improving old scars
- pigmentation.

In order to gain the benefits of this therapeutic oil, apply a few drops to the afflicted areas and massage in for 2 - 3 minutes until it is absorbed.  Rosehip oil is one of the absorb-able oils, meaning that it does not sit on your face or skin like a layer and feel greasy all day. For day use, apply this oil to your face with a damp face cloth, it will be absorbed in a couple of minutes.

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For skin repairing properties, studies show that this oil needs to be applied daily for months. For instance, those that have spent their summer in the sun and now have pigmented skin, fine lines all over, and skin dehydration, can have all of that repaired and replaced with flawless skin tone in a couple of months (2 - 4 months). So if you are applying a moisturizer anyways, make it Rose hip oil and see some real benefits.

In soap making, you can add up to 7% of your total oils, at trace, to create a super moisturizing bar. For your lotions, use this healing oil as the oil portion. This oil may seem expensive when compared to other carriers oils, but you will feel a difference to your skin in just one use.

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