Causes and home remedies of skin irritations and rashes

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figure out the cause then the cure will follow

Trying to figure out the causes and home remedies of skin irritations and rashes is not easy. It is quite often a fluke that leads to the cause.

I've lived with allergies, as my parents have, and now my children. Some causes of skin conditions may never be figured out. For instance, I am allergic to carpets. My skin and scalp was inflamed since I was about 20 years old and could ever figure out the cause. Some things helped like using Neutrogena shampoo, but it was always there. Not until I moved into a place with no carpets and magically! my skin cleared up! like NEW! Unfortunately, I had to move to a carpeted place again, but took the opportunity to see if the rash would return. And it did, in a totally new spot. Amazing. I will be carpet free again soon.

The following pages offer the causes and home remedies of  skin irritations and rashes and skin care help. Only you will be able to seriously take notes to figure out what is the cause and then avoid it. 

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New AND Old carpets can be harmful

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it's not the dust mite, it's their poop!

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Psoriasis, on scalp or anywhere?

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Eczema patches on pressure points?

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Hives? from food or soap or what?

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Is the cure the cause?

Causes and home remedies of skin irritations and rashes continued.......

You can be allergic to one thing, and that one thing makes such a skin irritation it can't be hid. One friend is allergic to chili powder, makes his hands break out. One of my kids was allergic to one type of baby bottle, and milk products cause him to be hyper. His teacher noticed that dust caused his eyes and ears to turn red. There is an older book entitled "Is this your Child?", and is about how food allergies cause behavior problems. This book is priceless when dealing with children that display any unusual behavior. Read it before you drug your kids.

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