Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

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aromatic and medicinally used since ancient Egyptian times

Cedarwood essential oil uses have been given the honor of being one of the first oils to be used in ancient medicine and ceremonies.  This essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the wood chips and has a rich, woody and masculine scent that is considered cleansing and emotionally grounding.

Some of its wonderful properties and uses are in being an antiseptic, anti-seborrhea and mild astringent.  And because of those properties, is is a popular choice for treating acne, oily skin, skin eruptions and dandruff. 

Some of the therapeutic this essential oil uses are for being an expectorant and mycolytic, so it is often used in  the treatment of catarrhal problems, including bronchial congestion and infections. 

Another of its uses is to be able to both stimulate the circulation yet relaxing the nervous system.  Emotionally, it has importance in the dispelling of gloomy or scattered thoughts, anxiety, obsessions and fears.  Known to relieve stress-related conditions as well. 

There are many versions of Cedarwood oil available.  The specific one we are highlighting here is a "Atlas Cedarwood", or 'Cedrus Atlantica'.

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Cedarwood essential oil uses include hair care:

Here is a great recipe for treating dandruff, a formula that doesn't include chemicals or tars like the store-brand dandruff shampoos.

Anti-dandruff Blend:

6 drops cedarwood
6 drops rosemary
4 drops cypress
1.5 oz of jojoba oil

Add the drops to the jojoba oil, shake to mix, and add this to your scalp and massage in.  Cover and leave overnight (if possible) or for a lengthy amount of time, then shampoo as usual. Use half recipe for children.

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