Cocoa Butter in Soap

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Super moisturizing cocoa butter in soap and other skin care products

Cocoa Butter in soap and other bath products creates a super moisturizing and skin protecting formula. The butter is a fat obtained from the cocoa bean.  The cocoa bean is fermented, roasted and separated from the hull or shell. The specialty of this butter is that the adulterated version has a higher non-saponifiable content, which is good. this means that when you make soap, the cocoa butter does not get amalgamated with the lye and water and there fore you can feel moisturizing abilities in the finished bar.

The list of items created with cocoa butter include: chocolate, medicinal suppositories, lotions, and lipstick.

If considering making soap with only cocoa butter, you could, but the soap would be hardened within about 8 hrs. Any longer left in the mold and it will be difficult to cut. And you would have a very expensive bar of soap.

To use cocoa butter well in your recipes, save the melted cocoa butter till trace time, and even keeping the amount to 7% of the total recipe, you would be able to feel the difference in the finished bar. Another difference with cocoa butter soap bars is that because of the non-saponifiable butter, your bar will have creamy bubbles instead of larger bubbles.

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Some of the benefits you will receive in adding this butter to your bath products are antioxidants to help you skin reduce free radicals. Good for needing a deep moisturizer with its fatty acids. If you have sensitive skin, this butter is known to help calm irritations, eczema and other skin conditions. The tropical butter is also perfect for saving a summertime tan, creating a shiny and healthy glow to skin, either by creating a lotion with cocoa butter, or rubbing the pure and raw bar or chunk right on your skin. Also good as a hair conditioner, here.

Refined vs. Unrefined, aka Natural vs. Deodorized

Pure cocoa butter has a wonderful warm scent of buttery chocolate, and for some odd reason, some product makers do no want this scent in the finished product. Yet, if you were to buy the deodorized version, you are also buying a now-not fully natural butter that would have had some of it trace elements removed, including the scent.

From cocoa butter in soap to making your very own massage bars.....

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