Frankincense resin and essential oil

both have ancient healing benefits

Ancient Frankincense resin and essential oil, also known as Olibanum, comes as both a gum and an essential oil. The essential oil is distilled from the resin on the bark of this African tree. It has a rich, warm and earthy scent that has been used as a fumigant and as an oil to meditate by.

The amazing properties that Frankincense resin and essential oil is reported to have include the ability to calm the nervous and digestive systems, relieve anxiety, depression, emotional upsets and other stress-related problems.

For your immune system, it is known as an immune stimulant and an expectorant, and helps respiratory conditions such as asthma, colds, chest infections and bronchitis. For your skin, this therapeutic oil has wound-healing abilities, as well as being an astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Perfect for treating cuts, scars, blemishes, skin inflammation, and recommended for firming aging skin.

Frankincense resin and essential oil is also reported to gently assist in relieving cystitis, irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding, and nosebleeds.

I have used both the essential oil and the resins. The essential oil is easy to add to your home remedies and I add it to my facial oil blend. The resin or gum is hard, much less expensive, but not as easy to use in essential oil blends.

Yet the inexpensive resin is great for burning. One of my customers that had a wood stove would place a small sheet of tin foil on her wood stove and place a piece of the resin, the resin would melt and naturally scent her home. The burner in the photo is really just a container with a little amount of sand, and you simply light the resin itself on fire.

4 natural soap bars
These resins and gums do seem to come in a variety of colors and clarity. I have ordered some that came clear and amber, then other times the gum would be darker and dusty-like. It is safe to 'wash' them off.

If you see an 'all natural' frankincense soap for sale, I would seriously doubt it had the essential oil in it unless is were $30 per bar.

There are also synthetic fragrance oils that don't smell the same, one supplier's version was perhaps a little too sharp, yet another supplier had a version that was too perfume-y. Yet at Christmas time, we made a Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh soap that was our biggest seller. We used the fragrance oil, tinted the soap with a light brown swirl, and applied gold mica to the exposed side, then wrapped. It really was one of the prettiest bars with the gold mica on it!

From frankincense resin and essential oil, to myrrh, another healing historic oil . . .

Some ideas on how to use your essential oils in aromatherapy . . .

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