Homemade soap labeling

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Homemade soap labeling is fun! It's creative and for those that like arts and crafts, its a great relaxing hobby in itself.

Labeling is also one of those aspects that can make your homemade soap look expensive and professional. Again, sometimes no labels, but a stamp, can do the same thing.

The following full-page articles are full of soap labeling ideas, including some ideas of whether you plan to sell your soap too. There is also a link about the INCI labeling requirements, and a link to how those corporations use misleading words to sell you something that its not. Also articles on what to check for and ask about when you are planning on selling your soap at a craft fair or farmers market.

There is a certain psychology to labels, as well as other marketing and selling features. A lot of big business spends a lot of money to select the right colors for their products. Color experts suggest that colors mean different things, as the wavelengths of colors can have differing effects on our feelings.

Another consideration is the centering of the label. If there is not an equal margin at the side of your label, it will look 'unbalanced', and something as little as this can cause a subconscious feeling that something is not quite right with the bar. Thoughts that perhaps if the label is not right, then perhaps the bar wasn't made right either.

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