Names for soap bars and a soap company

finding the right name just got easier . . .

Names for soap bars and a soap company! The following two pages should help you narrow down on the perfect name for your new homemade soap bars, or perhaps you need the right company name. There are some solutions, plus some expert advice on selecting a name. Perhaps by choosing a niche or special feature about you or your soap.

It took me 6 months to come up with the "indigo earth" soap company, which has now turned into a publications company as well. Write down all your brilliant ideas then get some input from friends and family. Make sure that they are not just being nice about your name selection, you need to truth about the feelings that come from that special name.

My previous soap company was called "The Winding Path Soap Company", and we had a lot of compliments about the name. We started with a list of about 30 names, narrowed it down to three, then started making phone calls and asking everyone what name they preferred.

Names about EVERYTHING are all about psychology and the feelings associated with the name. My one advice is to not make the soap about you. Make it about what it can do for your customers.

From "names for soap bars and a soap company" to labeling ideas . . .

If you like to stretch the limits of truth like the corporations do, check out how they do that here . . .

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