Natural scents for soap

which are called essential oils, not fragrance oils

This page contains links to natural scents for soap, like specific essential oils and essential oil blends created for specific purposes.

When shopping for essential oils, some natural aromatherapy products may be made with extracts, but bottles that have the names such as a fragrant oil, or essence, or expression, or anything else that may sound natural, use caution. Also when buying true essential oils, there is usually (or should be) the Latin botanical name for the oil.

I've seen a lot of soapmakers and bath product makers lie about the scents in their soaps. This is why I make my own.

Essential oils come naturally in different strengths. Meaning that some are safe to put on skin undiluted and some can irritate skin. For instance, lavender and tea tree are safe undiluted, and cinnamon can be very irritating - even diluted. Read this great article on knowing the 'grades' of essential oils!

Essential oils also come in different strengths scent-wise. Expensive essential oils such as rose, sandalwood, neroli, etc, have been way too expensive for people to purchase so suppliers made diluted versions. Usually diluted in jojoba oil, and also in different strengths, being 5%, 10%, and 25%. Depending on the essential oil, the diluted scent can be strong enough to be added to a perfume oil or lotion. Rose essential oil is strong even when diluted to 5%, whereas Sandalwood at 5% is barely noticeable.

Essential Oil Blends:

Antifungal blend for skin and nails

Bug repelling essential oils and a safe spray recipe

Bug specific essential oil repellent list and how to use

Essential oils can eliminate viruses too! An anti-viral list

Essential Oils, Individually:


Cinnamon Leaf

Frankincense, resin and oil




Roman Chamomile, aka Chamomile

Rose Geranium


Sweet Orange

Tea Tree or Melaleuca

Ylang Ylang

About Essential Oils:

Making labels? Here are the INCI names for essential oils and more...

From 'natural scents for soaps' to about deceptive marketing practices...

Here's a site about natural solutions, including essential oil recipes for cold viruses!


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