Soap bar names

a great name will sell your soap for you

Coming up with some great soap bar names is just as difficult as coming up with a great soap company name. And names do make a big difference. For instance, is your soap 'for something' or 'against something' or 'for someone specific'?

For instance, I had a natural bug repellent bar entitled Entomophobia (fear of insects), and another soap maker from out of town came in, looked around, and introduced himself. He said that he made a bug repellent soap too, and called it Mountain Man. Now think of both of these names, Entomophobia and Mountain Man. Entomophobia sounds like science, and creates curiosity, all by using a name that suggests someone that does not like bugs biting them. The second name, Mountain Man conjures up an image of the dirty smelly man that just came into town from living in the mountains. Which sounds more appealing to you?

My unscented, all natural soap, had a few names. This is one soap that people say that they want with no scent, yet over and over, it was this bar that never sold very well. This is probably why of the unscented bars that other soapmakers have made did have a hint of scent, being lavender and chamomile.

Below contains lists of soap bar names that I had, or tried, for specific bars over the years, AND soap names and their scents where I stuck with the first name because it worked.

Also, soap bar names that are exact, such as Lemongrass, sell better than if you try to come up with something unrelated or semi-related, like Morning Fresh or Citrus Moon:

Plain & Simple

Tropical type of bars:
Life's a Beach (top ten bar with mango, papaya, coconut, and jasmine)
Just Beachy (same as above)
Cuba Libre, (like a drink with bay rum, lime and coke)
Mambo #5 (from the song with lime, mango, papaya and coconut)
Coconut (with the toasted coconut scent)
Pina Colada (mango, papaya, coconut and pineapple)

Anise, (has a licorice scent):
Kitchen Bar
Odor Eater
Fishermens Bar

Bug Repellent:
Buzz Off
Bug Away

Blackberry & Orange:
Summer Days
Wild Blackberry

Chocolate Chai: Top Ten bar with Cinnamon & Cloves, and Chocolate drizzled on top, layed on top, or swirled in.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh: The biggest selling bar at Christmas, with gold mica rubbed onto the face of the bar.

A lot of the other bars sold nicely with their scent names like Lavender (another top ten bar) or Raspberry Lemon-Berry:
combo of lemongrass and blackberry (Top Ten bar)

Deja Vu
The 1960's
Flower Power

Beer soap:

Tea Tree:
Tea Tree (this name sold more)

Blackberry and Jasmine:

Orange, cinnamon and cloves:
Christmas Spice (at Christmas time)
Orange Spice (rest of the year)

Candy Cane (at Christmas time)

A Rose is a Rose
Rose Petal

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