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Trying to come up with some soap company name ideas, was one of the hardest things to do. Sounds like it should be easy, but when you consider all implications of your name, trying to make it a soap name that calls out to everyone, can be daunting. But not impossible.

Some of the considerations in thinking about good soap company name ideas, is trying to invite everyone to buy your soap, is about trying to include everyone, while not creating one of those invisible borders. For example, perhaps I name a soap company after my dad Jim, who maybe introduced me to nature and natural remedies. But "Soaps by Jimmy" won't sell well because women, the major customer base, may (subconsciously) think that a man can't even follow a recipe so how can he make soap, OR that the soaps are geared towards men with the masculine scents, OR because men don't tend to worry so much about moisturizing the bars may not be moisturizing either.

Sure, "Soaps by Jimmy" may be the best soap in the world, but it may take even longer to expand your customer base to the masses.

Also consider that other soap company name ideas, such as "New York's Best Soap" could pop up one of those invisible borders. I live near Blaine, Washington, so I may think that there must be a soap just as good from Washington state. It is important to consider who you are selling to and focus on that selling aspect.

soap company name ideas, soap ideas Then again, if you live in New York, and plan on selling in only New York, then go with that geographical name. You will still have one of the biggest markets to sell to.

The name of my first soap company, that I sold years ago, was entitled "The Winding Path Soap Company". I heard that the new owners moved the business and then a few years later, closed. People loved that name, it created a sense of destination, and looking forward to the future.

Another factor about some soap company name ideas could be important on whether you can get that website address. It is getting crowded out there and if you can't get the exact wording, find something close. For example, '' is probably gone, but not ''. Then again, Twitter, Facebook and Blogger are all free, and carry hyphenated names.

soap company name ideas, soap names

Here's a list of soap company name ideas. I don't know if these are taken or not, this is a partial list of when I was name searching. Personally, I don't like those cutesy names like Bubblicious or Tutti-Fruitti, they sound unprofessional. Here goes:

Journey Soaps
Ancient Circles
Essentialism Soaps
Existentialism Soap
Medicine Wheel
Simple is Better

What local resource could you tap into and capitalize on? Such as:

Artisan Waters
Columbia River
West Coast Rain

What is your state or area famous for? Such as:

Dairy - milk soaps
Wines - wine won't work well, but use the grapes
Orchards - add a little apple or orange juice,
Hot springs - mineral rich water
Ice bergs - used melted ice berg water
Beef - add a little beef tallow
Corn - add some corn oil.

Perhaps you've got something unique, such as:

Solar Made
Solar Powdered
Herb Garden
Water Fall
Island Made
Terra Cotta.

Also, if there is a high tourist traffic event that you could wholesale too, that could make you a lot of money during the travel season. For example, there is a historic mining town that I went too once, where the town was restored, actors were hired for the summer, and you could watch the school marm teach in the class to students (tourists). They had a general store, a post office (for real) where you could send out post cards that got that special post mark on them, and a general store, where lots of touristy things were sold. A soap sold there could be historically based, like a plain Lavender, or an unscented or mildly scented with a gold mica on the bar's face (this was a gold mining town). The soap labels could reflect the time and name of the place as well (Gold Town soap on brown paper labels).

From "soap company name ideas" to about "labeling ideas" . . .

Then when you are ready to sell, some Farmers Market info...

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